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Introducing the First-Ever Fully Customizable Panels

By June 20, 2023February 20th, 2024No Comments

We are always looking to our customers to provide feedback on everything from test suggestions to add to our menu to improvements in our process. The request we have gotten most often over the years was for us to add the ability to test for a panel of tests using a single swab.

From the beginning, we had designed our testing process to accommodate one swab for one test from one dog. Although this allowed us to achieve the fastest time to results in the industry at the most affordable prices, it didn’t make it easy for a breeder to take multiple test samples from a litter of puppies. Five puppies with five tests each turn out to be a lot of swabs. We also looked around at the industry and realized that customers were typically locked into an established panel of tests for each breed with no flexibility in test choice. We saw yet another opportunity for innovation and change so we worked hard to enhance our process to address our customers’ needs.

GenSol is now proud to announce the launch of fully customizable panels. This means that not only can you order any number of tests that can be performed with a single swab per dog, but you also get the flexibility to choose the tests that are most important to you. You can customize our breed-specific test recommendations, or you can create your own panel from scratch. There are no limits on the number of tests per panel and the more tests you choose, the more affordable the price per test. And if you are only interested in a single test, you can do that too– it’s as easy as only selecting one test in your panel! We offer the flexibility to add both health and coat/color tests to your panel so you get exactly what you need and bypass the tests you don’t need.

Besides providing the most affordable testing in the industry, our new lab process is even faster with results typically available within 24 hours from arriving at the laboratory. We believe that fast, accurate, and affordable results are at the core of good decision-making for pet breeding and healthcare.

One important lesson we’ve learned over the years at GenSol is that when we focus on innovating to meet our customer’s needs, we typically end up with a better laboratory process. By listening to our customers and meeting their needs using science-driven technology and innovation we all benefit. So, keep letting us know how we can improve and we will continue to listen.