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GenSol vs. Paw Print Genetics

GenSol’s mission is to contribute to pet health by making pet DNA testing broadly accessible by offering breeders, veterinarians, and pet parents who make breeding or health decisions fast, accurate, and affordable tests. So how does GenSol compare to Paw Print Genetics?

GenSol and Paw Print Genetics are non-invasive DNA testing companies that provide their services to dog breeders and owners. So which should dog breeders and owners choose when looking for DNA testing? Paw Print Genetics is a pet DNA testing lab that serves owners and breeders. However, when stacked up against the wide array of customization and high quality in GenSol’s services, Paw Print Genetics simply does not compare. GenSol’s priority is to continue providing breeders and loving dog owners with fast, accurate, and affordable genetic testing for any dog breed.


Let’s look at some of the key features of the two DNA-testing companies, and see how GenSol compares to Paw Print Genetics.

How GenSol compares to Paw Print Genetics

Feature Comparison
Paw Print Genetics
Fully customizable breed-specific health and coat panels

Non-customizable health-only panels

Non-customizable coat-only panels

Results available in 48 hours after the sample arrives

Individual test available

Single test under $30

Best price everyday

Test all conditions irrespective of breed

Only test breed relevant conditions

Check out GenSol’s panels for breeders and pet parents today!

GenSol Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use swabs other than the ones provided by GenSol?

We understand that it may be convenient for some breeders who prefer to use their own swabs. However, to offer the fastest and most affordable testing in the industry and maintain our high standards of accuracy we utilize a standardized process. Part of the process includes using carefully selected and tested swabs. This rigorous process is what enables us to guarantee accurate results, at very competitive prices and with a turnaround time (24 to 48 hours from receiving the samples) that other labs cannot match.

Do you offer tests not listed on your website?

All GenSol tests that have been validated and are currently offered are listed on our website. If you need a test we do not currently offer, please contact us and we will consider adding it to our menu.

Why do you use cheek swabs instead of a blood sample? Is a cheek swab as good as a blood sample?

Using cheek swabs reduces owner costs because they can take the sample themselves. The DNA extracted from the swab is done in a similar manner to human forensics where cheek swab testing is common practice. The DNA is of sufficient quality and quantity for this type of testing.

If I used your testing service, would I be able to submit the results to OFA?

Yes, most of our tests are accepted by OFA. Click here for detailed instructions.

How long will testing take?

Results are typically available within 24-48 business hours after arriving at the laboratory. In the event of insufficient sample DNA quantity or quality, testing can take longer than 48 hours.