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Orthopedic Foundation for Animals DNA Based Genetic Disease Data Base Submission Requirements

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) maintains extensive data bases for a wide variety of canine and feline genetic diseases.  Each of the tests offered on our website have a data base that OFA maintains.  Many of the tests that we offer are accepted by OFA. Once you receive your certificate of results via email from us, you have the option to submit your test results for inclusion in the OFA data base for that specific genetic test.  The process is really quite simple.  Refer to the steps below to submit your results:

  1. Complete the Application for DNA Based Genetic Database

  2. Return the application along with a copy of your GenSol results certificate and the associated fee to OFA

Associated fees are as follows: (taken from the OFA’s website)

Submission fee/individual – $15 .00
A litter of 3 or more submitted together – $30 .00 total
Kennel rate: Individuals submitted as a group, owned/co-owned by the same person
5 or more individuals – $7 .50 each

It’s that simple!

Any questions regarding submission should be directed to OFA for clarification.

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