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Genetic Testing Panels Explained

By August 16, 2023October 3rd, 2023No Comments

Breeders, pet parents, and veterinarians looking to have genetic testing performed on their pet or litter typically have three options for how genetic testing can be done: 

              • Pet DNA tests can be ordered as a single test which is simple and straightforward but can be more expensive and inconvenient if you need to test the same dog for multiple conditions. 
              • The second option is to order a panel of tests that covers everything under the sun which appears at first to be cost-effective until you realize that most of the tests are irrelevant and don’t apply.
              • The final option is panel testing which only has tests relevant to a particular breed which is not only cost-effective but has the added convenience of only having to take a single sample.



The Start of The Genetic Testing Industry

When the industry first started, pet genetic testing companies primarily offered single-individual pet DNA tests. From a technical perspective, this is the simplest way to perform genetic testing and it’s great if your dog only needs one test. Over time, the industry matured and other technologies became available that tested for hundreds of tests from a single swab. Using this type of testing, the breed of the dog is irrelevant because all tests, whether they provide a meaningful result, are performed on every sample. The drawback to doing this type of panel testing is that most of the results will be irrelevant for a particular dog. 

This is not to say that the tests won’t work, but they will almost certainly provide a clear result as many of the mutations in these large panels are breed-specific and will not apply to the vast majority of dogs. To determine the true cost of this type of panel testing, take the number of tests you need and divide it by the total cost of the panel. Some breeders or pet parents might be surprised to learn what they are actually getting for the money they spend.

What Are Breed-Specific Genetic Testing Panels?

Breed-specific genetic testing panels are the most cost-effective and affordable way to get only the test results you need. Although they are not necessarily a new concept, breed-specific panels have historically lacked flexibility. Different breeders, vets, and pet parents can have different concerns when it comes to genetic testing. For example, some breeders might know that a particular mutation is absent from their lines and hence does not require testing. That is why we, at GenSol, have developed our new fully customizable breed-specific panels to provide the ability to tailor our test recommendations to your specific needs. 

If you have a different opinion on what is important in your breed or pet then simply add or subtract tests from your panel and the price will automatically adjust. If you already know the combination of tests you need, including health, coat color, and coat type tests, you can create your own panel from scratch. We also still offer individual dog DNA tests at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

The Difference With GenSol

At GenSol, we believe that breed-specific customizable panels are a perfect solution for breeders, pet parents, or veterinarians to get exactly the test results they need without unneeded and irrelevant testing. Our recent changes to our technology make it possible for us to deliver this first-of-its-kind customizable solution to genetic testing while maintaining our focus on being fast, accurate, and affordable with results delivered in less than 48 hours from a sample arriving at the lab. By introducing the first-ever breed-specific customizable panels, we continue to support our mission of better breeding and health choices for pets everywhere. 

See what GenSol has to offer, and create your custom panel for healthier breeding today!