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Faster Results for Better Decisions

By November 1, 2023December 4th, 2023No Comments

For many of our customers, waiting weeks for a result doesn’t work. For a breeder, it can impact decisions about placing dogs in their new homes or which dogs they choose to keep for breeding. For Veterinarians, it can prolong critical surgery or treatment decisions. This is precisely why one of our driving principles at GenSol is to deliver the fastest results in the industry, within 24-48 hours from a sample arriving at the laboratory, to get you the information you need to make better decisions.

The two parts of the process that impact the overall amount of time for a customer to receive their result are sample shipping and laboratory processing. The sample shipping time is a balance between speed and cost and is based on the needs of each individual customer. As part of the team here at GenSol, you have the option to choose First Class, Priority, or Priority Express shipping. If you are not in a hurry then the most affordable option is First Class. We make this option even more affordable by offering First Class shipping free for orders over $50. If you need your results faster, we provide Priority or Priority Express options with discounted pricing for orders over $50. With the introduction of customizable panels, we also made the swabbing process faster since you no longer need multiple swabs per dog. A single swab is all you need for any number of tests making the first part of the process fast and customizable to your needs. Just pick the shipping that fits your needs and we’ll take it from there.

The second part of the process that impacts the time to result starts when your sample arrives at the laboratory for processing. You might already know that different labs can be very different in the time frame for providing a result that can range anywhere from days to weeks to months. This is primarily due to the timeframe for the actual testing and how the lab is set up to process samples. Some labs will use what’s known as batch processing where they wait until they have a certain number of samples before beginning their testing process. At GenSol, our process is automated and highly parallel which means we don’t wait for one set of samples to finish before we start the next set. We operate much like an assembly line which keeps samples moving through our laboratory process on a daily basis. We don’t wait to process because you shouldn’t have to wait to get the result you need to make your important decision.

We also have an innovative testing process that uses a minimal number of processing steps to get to the result which we refer to as closed-tube processing. The sample is added to a processing tube and the rest of the testing process uses robotic automation which means no waiting on human beings to complete multiple-step processes that can span over days. Assuming a sample is of good quality, we have a result that only takes hours from a sample arriving at the lab. After a sample is graded by our automated system and double-checked by lab personnel, your result is emailed to you and available in your account almost instantly. No more waiting for paper results to arrive days later in the mail.

We do occasionally have samples that don’t pass our quality control measures on the first round of testing. For these samples, we go through a second round of testing to determine if we can get an accurate result which can add an additional day to testing. This means that good swabbing is an important part of the process and can impact the time it takes to provide a result. So, similar to choosing your shipping we rely on you to be part of the team to help us deliver the fastest results in the industry so that you don’t have to wait to make critical breeding and healthcare decisions.