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Our Philosophy

By June 20, 2023October 10th, 2023No Comments

At GenSol Diagnostics, it is our mission to make genetic testing more accessible to promote pet health. We believe that fast, accurate, and affordable DNA testing can support good healthcare and breeding decisions for our pets.

GenSol Diagnostics originated from a personal experience my wife and I had with our Australian Cattle Dog Dexter. When Dexter first joined our lives, we were unaware that he was affected by a genetic eye disorder and would one day become blind. At the root of his condition was a genetic mutation that could have been avoided through DNA testing of the breeding pair. At the time, genetic disease testing was expensive and took weeks or months to provide results which delayed healthcare and breeding decisions. My experience and passion for molecular diagnostics made me realize that we could make a difference and significantly improve the health of our four-legged companions.

At the heart of what differentiates GenSol Diagnostics is the combination of technology and innovation that produces fast and accurate results at an affordable price. Historically, DNA testing has not been a quick process with most laboratories taking weeks to months to provide a result. We feel the time from sample to result is critical because earlier detection is vital to making informed health care and breeding decisions. To accomplish the fastest result time in the industry, we combine robotics and state-of-the-art automation with a unique approach to PCR analysis that reduces the time and cost for a result. Our proprietary advances in everything from DNA extraction through closed tube sample processing all translate to quicker results for quicker decision-making when time really matters.

We firmly believe that fast results do not have to mean sacrificing accuracy. Our custom Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) tracks samples at every stage from order to result. Combined with a highly automated laboratory process, human error is almost completely eliminated. Samples work their way through a barcoded process that requires minimal manipulation and reduces the potential for sample contamination. At the end of the testing process, our LIMS system automatically produces a suggested result for each sample that is independently verified by a trained laboratory technician. When you are making critical decisions about a pet, you need accurate results.

Back when we first started in the industry, the price for one DNA test was just too high. The high price acted as a barrier and limited vets and breeders’ abilities to make their best decisions. The same innovations that allowed us to reduce the time to result to less than 48 hours also significantly reduced the cost of a single test so that we were able to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry. We offer single tests and small test panels that provide only the information you need. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all testing using hundreds of irrelevant tests that simply increase the cost of testing. We give you only the test results you need, which translates to spending less to get the information you need.

At GenSol Diagnostics, good science is behind everything we do. All of our tests are based on peer-reviewed scientific research that establishes the link between a particular mutation and a disease. We only test directly for the disease-causing mutation as opposed to indirect linkage tests that can never be 100% accurate. Since the beginning, it has been our strong scientific approach to technology and innovation that has allowed us to develop a process for DNA testing that is fast, accurate, and affordable to support healthcare and breeding decisions for better overall pet health.