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How to Interpret Your Dog’s Genetic Testing Results: Part 1

By June 26, 2024July 10th, 2024No Comments

More and more dog breeders have found genetic testing as an invaluable tool that offers insight into not only a dog’s genetic makeup but also as a way to breed healthier litters. However, interpreting the results from genetic testing can be complex. 

Here is a quick breakdown of how to interpret your dog’s genetic testing results and how to apply the information to your breeding program from the team at GenSol Diagnostics, offering fully customizable genetic testing panels for the health of your litters. 

Understanding the Basics of Genetic Testing

Before you test your dogs, it is important to understand what genetic testing really is. Ultimately, genetic testing for dogs involves analyzing DNA samples to identify specific genetic markers associated with various traits and potential genetic health issues. 

Key Components of Genetic Test Results

When you receive your dog’s genetic testing results, you’ll typically encounter several key components: 

  • Genetic Health Risk: Perhaps the most important “section” for a breeder is whether or not your dog has any genetic mutations that might lead to certain health conditions. Companies like GenSol offer breed-specific genetic testing panels that provide insights into genetic mutations your dog’s specific breed may be predisposed to. It is important to note whether your dog is “affected”, a “carrier”, or “clear”. Ultimately, as mentioned above, this can provide helpful insights that lead to healthier dog breeding. 
  • Traits and Characteristics: Beyond genetic mutations, genetic testing can also provide insights into inheritable traits, such as coat color. Understanding these can help breeders select pairs that complement each other, ensuring desirable characteristics in puppies. 

Steps to Interpreting the Results

  • Review Your Dog’s Report: First and foremost, make sure that you have an accurate representation of the key components of your dog’s genetic test results. It is crucial to use a reputable company that provides not only fast results but accurate ones as well. 
  • Consult with a Veterinarian or Genetic Counselor: If the results indicate any potential or current health issues, consulting with a veterinarian is key. They can not only help you understand the implications of the results but also guide you on the best course of action on how to treat them. 
  • Plan Your Breeding Strategy: Use the information from the genetic test to plan your breeding strategy. For example, if your dog is a carrier for a specific genetic disorder, you can avoid breeding it with another carrier to prevent affected offspring.
  • Keep Records and Monitor Health: Maintain detailed records of your dog’s genetic test results and monitor their health over time. This information is valuable for future breeding decisions and for providing potential puppy buyers with comprehensive health backgrounds.

Practical Tips for Using Genetic Testing Results

  • Pair Wisely: Use genetic testing results to pair dogs in a way that reduces the risk of genetic disorders. This can not only lead to healthier litters for you but also healthier generations for specific dog breeds. 
  • Educate Potential Buyers: Provide copies of genetic testing results to potential puppy buyers. Transparency about the genetic health of the puppies can build trust and assure buyers of their future pets’ well-being.
  • Update Your Knowledge: Stay informed about advancements in genetic testing. As science progresses, new tests and more accurate interpretations can emerge, providing even better tools for responsible breeding.

Fast, Accurate, and Affordable Genetic Testing with GenSol 

In conclusion, genetic testing is a critical step in responsible dog breeding. By understanding the results as well as applying them to your dogs, you can not only continue to promote healthier litters but continue to ensure the health and longevity of man’s best friend for years to come. 

GenSol Diagnostics is a genetic testing company that seeks to do just that. By offering fully customizable and breed-specific genetic testing panels, we seek to offer fast, accurate, and affordable genetic testing to promote healthier breeding. Don’t wait! Customize your genetic testing panel today