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How Testing Works

It’s easy, fast, affordable and non-invasive – no blood sample needed.

Pet eating, drinking and contact with other pets/animals should be minimized prior to sampling.
No eating or drinking at least 1 hour prior to testing is recommended.

Please follow these directions carefully.

Step 1: Order a test

Order directly from our Tests page.

Test kits contain: swab(s), sample ID sticker(s), sample collection sheet and a return envelope & label.

Complete owner information and dog(s) information on the other side of the Sample Collection Sheet. Please fill out completely.

Step 2: Swab your pet

Open and remove swab from plastic wrapper. Save this wrapper for later.

Collect the sample by rolling the cotton end of the swab firmly on the inside of the pet’s cheek, approximately 10 times on each side of the inside of the mouth. Make certain to move the cotton swab over the entire inside of the cheek.

Step 3: Leave to dry

Air dry the swab for 20 minutes at room temperature in a location where it will not come into contact with other pets. Do not place the swab in the refrigerator. Sample should remain at room temperature at all times prior to mailing.

After drying, replace the swab in the original plastic wrapper and seal the wrapper with the enclosed ID sticker. Write the Sticker SAMPLE # and date in the corresponding box on sample sheet.

Step 4: Submit your test

Deposit the sealed swab and this completed form in the pre-addressed postage-paid envelope and place in the mail within 48 hours for return to GenSol Diagnostics.

There is a tracking number on the envelope for future reference.

Step 5:
Receive test results

After Gensol receives your returned collection swabs, results are emailed within 24 to 48 hours.

Any failure to follow these instructions could result in test processing delays.

If swabs other than those provided by GenSol are returned for testing, they will NOT be processed

To replace lost or damaged swabs please contact our office directly at 1-844-369-3686

International and Multiple Return Mailing Instructions: International and multiple return shipments require return postage.
Please return to: GenSol Diagnostics, 125 North Main Street Unit 1846, Clayton, GA 30525 USA

Questions? Check out our FAQ or Contact Us.

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