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Frequently Asked Questions

If the question you have is not addressed below, please feel free to submit it to us via the Contact Us form.  We are happy to answer any questions you have regarding canine DNA testing.

Can I use swabs other than the ones provided by GenSol?
No. GenSol’s  swabs are specifically designed for our state-of-the-art testing methods to provide optimal DNA collection. IF swabs other than those provided by GenSol are sent in to the lab they will not be processed.

Do you offer tests not listed on your website?
All GenSol tests that have been validated and are currently offered are listed on our website.  If you are in need of a test, please contact us and we will consider adding it to our menu.

Why do you use cheek swabs instead of a blood sample?  Is a cheek swab as good as a blood sample?
Using cheek swabs reduces owner costs because they can take the sample themselves.  The DNA extracted from the swab is done in a similar manner to human forensics where cheek swab testing is common practice.  The DNA is of sufficient quality and quantity for this type of testing.

If I used your testing service, would I be able to submit the results to OFA?
Yes, many of our tests are accepted by OFA. Click here for detailed instructions.

How long will testing take?
All samples begin processing within 24-48 hours upon arrival at the laboratory with results typically reported the same business day they are generated.  In the event of insufficient sample DNA quantity or quality, testing can take longer than 48 hours.  Typically, the longest part of the process is shipping of the swab kits which can vary by the shipping method used (regular, priority, express).

Does the dog’s age impact the results?
No.  The dog’s DNA does not change from birth and even following death.  So, dogs can be tested at any stage of their lifetime.

My dog came back “affected,” now what?
Make an appointment to see your veterinarian and bring the test results along for review.  With a proper clinical exam, the veterinarian will better be able to determine the disease’s progress, as well as give you a plan of action to delay further onset as much as possible.

I need to receive my swab kit quickly, do you offer expedited shipping?
Absolutely.  We can ship via the USPS utilizing Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail.  Priority Mail Express guarantees 1-2 business day delivery to most US locations and Priority Mail offers delivery in 3-5 business days, depending on location in the United States.  For customers outside the US, International Priority Mail Express offers delivery in up to 5 business days, while International Priority Mail offers delivery in up to 14 business days.

I should have received my results by now, where are they?
Though we address the results email directly to you, please be aware that some spam filters will inevitably direct it to the spam folder depending on your email program.  Please check your spam folder and contact us if you cannot locate your results email.

I’ve ordered several swab kits, do I have to use them all at the same time?
You do not have to use all of your swabs at once, however, we only provide one postage-paid return envelope.  Subsequent swabs will have to be mailed back to GenSol Diagnostics at your expense.  We recommend using a trackable shipping method.  Below, is a printable sample collection sheet to complete and send in with each shipment being returned to GenSol for testing.  Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to open this form.  Click here to download it for free.

Do you accept dew claws or tails from my puppies instead of swabs?
We currently do not accept dew claws or tails. Swabbing puppies is easy and swabs are soft, and gentle for little mouths. We just ask that you swab your puppies 30 minutes after a feeding.
Do you include postage paid return envelopes for Canadian and International orders?
Due to customs regulations we are unable to include return postage that originates outside of the United States. However, we do include instructions on how to properly label the samples for return to our lab.

What is the difference between SOD1A and SOD1B?
Click here for a detailed explanation.

Why are results reported only to the person(s) listed on the swab collection sheet returned with an order? I purchased the test and shouldn’t I get a copy of the result?
Due to issues of confidentiality, results are only forwarded to the person listed under “Owner’s Name for Certificate” at the email address listed under “Owner’s Email” on the swab collection sheet returned with your shipment. Results can be disclosed by email to other parties with the permission of the listed owner. If contact information is not provided on the returned swab collection sheet, results will be forwarded to the person and email originally listed on the order.

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